Hey Guys,

Going to be keeping this one quite short and sweet. I am sure that those of you that keep an eye on the news in DCS or the Virtual Aerobatic scene have seen that Rock has resigned from the Virtual Horsemen so that he can focus on other real life hobbies. Along with the Fadec deciding that he wants to focus on other projects as well this has left me in the unenviable predicament that the 2 people that I looked to for guidance and tuition are no longer going to be flying regularly.

As such I am putting on hold at least in the short to medium term any dedicated progress to learning Aerobatics in DCS, as such with no regular flights going to be taking place there will be no content for this blog. So this will be the last post on this blog certainly in the short term unless something else comes up.

So I would like to end with a personal thank you to the guys that I have been flying with for the past few weeks, Rock, Fadec, Storm and all the others that I have flown with and that have put up with me clipping their tails.

Fly Safe and See you all in blue skies