So, it’s certainly been a long while since we posted an update in our training blog… As mentioned previously, we have now recommenced our regular training program in preparation for VFAT 2016. For this years event, all 3 pilots will be flying from Pman’s house on a LAN connection. We’ll be recording the display on a camera and hope to produce a short video post VFAT merged with in game footage of our display. For us, and possibly for VFAT, this will be a first.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been flying regularly, getting back up to speed with formation aerobatics in the P-51 Mustang. It’s amazing that after nearly 6 months of no flying, we’re already feeling good about our flying and the confidence is beginning to grow. Our training routine usually consists of 2 flights, one warm up where we will fly a series of random maneuvers and then one run through of the routine when we’re happy. If we identify specific areas of weakness, we will then focus on that specific maneuver until we solve the problem. Whilst we are very familiar with the Mustang, we do sometimes make mistakes, as evidenced here when I over heated the engine in the initial climb out. Thankfully I made it back to base with the aircraft in one piece.

The last couple of weeks we have also started training a new pilot for a future project (More info on that in future). He is progressing well, already being able to follow through the routine having never flown formation aerobatics in flight sims before. In a few weeks, we’ll probably post some video footage of our diamond of P-51s flying together. Because of the nature of routine, we’re able to allow new pilots to occupy the #4 position (Slot) without interfering with our preparation for VFAT. Below are a few images from our recent flight with the 4 of us over Kutaisi!


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