Welcome back all,

Just to recap last time we left with me feeling a bit on a high after the game of chase with Rock after our first flights in Mustangs together. After the incidents I had with the Mustang when I first joined up with Rock I was very pleased to finally have something to whack back at him over the whole “Pete cant start the Mustang” thing. Warning to all though, ribbing Rock is like poking a Lion with a stick while being smeared in gazelle blood, do so at your own risk!

After the move up to Sochi I was presented with another challenge to get working on the server, this time we had a mod shown to us that enabled flight with some of the non standard aircraft, After a talk with Rock we decided that we would first try getting the L39-ZA working on the server. After some tinkering with the map and the config files I managed to get 6 of them at Gudata for a try out. It was quickly noticed by Rock and I that we couldn’t arm smoke on these aircraft however that didn’t stop Rock and I giving them a go!

Something that also became obvious quite quickly was that the L39 cockpit was in the wrong place! This meant that although my screen looked like the one to the left from the outside it looked like I was trailing behind from about 30-40ft. So I have Rock saying in one ear “Closer Pete, C’mon get closer…” and all I can respond to him was basically that if we get much closer we will need a civil ceremony! So with some help from Storm from Angels & Demons we managed to get both the cockpit in the right place and smoke on the aircraft! So with that bit of help we managed to get the aircraft flying, with smoke and with the cockpit in the same postcode as the rest of the aircraft! Not a bad job really!

So for that next day or so we spent some time learning the L39ZA, and its fair to say that the aircraft handles quite differently to what either Rock or I had become used to. For one thing the first time we took off in formation I think Rock was looking at me and I at him wondering if we had a long enough runway! We scared the spotters with that take off let me assure you of that, not too mention whoever may have been in the lighthouse at the end of the runway!

It wasnt long before other people got to grips with the mod tools that Storm had posted on our forum (Here for reference : http://www.virtual-aerobatics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=64) so before an hour was out we had 2 people flying up with us, one of which was IceHummer from Knights of the Sky (another greatly appreciated member of Virtual Aerobatics) I have added a couple of pics of this diamond down below.

Well after this over I set about looking to see what other aircraft we could get flyable and with some help from Storm again with the config files I managed to get the F16C, F18c and F15E all flyable with smoke on them as well! We ran out of usable slots at Sochi and Gudata so I placed them with a refueling truck at Sukhumi. If anyone reading this wants to get these flyable all the things you need including the cockpit mod settings can be obtained from our forum using the link I posted above.

So that was the course of a weekend gone, The next change Rock and I had to fly came nearly a week later on the following Friday for an hour or so. I think Rock must have had an evil week as he opened the session with what I would love to think of as a request but was more of a demand to get into the Sukhoi as he had one of his infamous ideas. Now if you have read my previous posts I dont need to tell you that my heart has already skipped 4 beats before I even get my TrackIr aligned…This was going to be interesting.

Fadec was on the server with us briefly and after abit of throwing the Su27 around Rock decided that he wanted to try and do some high alpha moves, so in slowing the 3 of us down over the coast we move into abit of a high alpha loose group rather then a formation. Poor Marc was having problems and didn’t make the move stick and had to leave to attend to some real life things, Leaving me at the hands of a determined Rock to see what we could do. This is when things got interesting…

Think of one of those moments in life when you are presented with what seems like a tough but achievable challenge, and you kind of say to yourself that “yeah, I can do this” that was me at the start of the next pass when we were going for high alpha pass in formation take 2. Not going to lie, it went really well for a change, So much so that Rock obviously thought this was too easy so now he wanted to do this with him in an inverted high alpha (So nose skywards) with me in slot behind him….Im just going to give you a minute to contemplate what he was planning. Now anyone that has flown a high alpha will tell you that they are not stable in the best of hands, they require constant adjustment and tuning to keep the angle and altitude steady. Now they say a picture says a thousand words, I am currently on word 953 so lets see if this video can cover the next few hundred for me, I wont spoil what we got up to next the video can speak for itself. Ladies and Gents the Alpha360…


That was our 3rd attempt at it, Prior to this flight I would have actually said that this was almost impossible to do, and I have never seen anyone do this before. After our initial flight with Rock inverted we thought lets dial it up and I screwed up the first 2 tries but I insisited to Rock that I could do this and the above was the result of the 3rd attempt.

I hope you have enjoyed this part of my journey, As always any comments welcomed either on here, the forums or on facebook!

Next time Rock Leads in a Ka50, Fadec Rock and I get some Mustang time together and Storm and Rock push me to my limits

Safe flying all


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