Welcome to the home of the Virtual Horsemen. The Virtual Horsemen represent the worlds only warbird formation aerobatic team, The Bremont Horsemen Flight Team. Founded in late 2008 in the Il-2 Sturmovik sim series, the team soon gained support from our real life counter-parts and has gone on to display at many of the worlds largest virtual airshows. In 2009, we became the first none ‘Lock On’ aerobatic team to fly at the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams and then, a few months later, flew our first performance at the Low Land Tiger Meet 2010.

Since moving to Eagle Dynamics’ Digital Combat Simulator series in 2012, following the release of their P-51 Mustang simulation, the team has worked extremely hard to improve the quality and entertainment value of our show. This transition has allowed us to interact more with the wider virtual aerobatic community and has also allowed us to fly a wider variation of Horsemen routines in the F-86F Sabre and F8F Bearcat, among others.

F-86 Sabre Promo!

2016 Schedule

Virtual Aerobatics 3 Year Anniversary Air Show
February 13th & 14th – Confirmed
P-51C + 2 x P-51

Virtual Thunder Over The Web
April 30th / May First – Confirmed
P-51C + P-51D

Virtual Beach Blast 2016
June 26th – Confirmed

Virtual Air16
September 17th / 18th – Confirmed

Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams (VFAT) 2016

All dates are provisional

Latest News!

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The Virtual Aerobatics server uses the latest version of DCS: World. As DCS comes with a free Su-25, we have included this aircraft to give new players, trying out DCS for the first time, a chance to get a feel for online play. The server currently holds 48 players and has an auto recovery feature in place meaning that, should the server crash, it should be back up in less than 3 minutes.

Meet The Team

Rob 'Rock' Brindley
Flight Lead
Rob Brindley has been flying formation aerobatics since 2005. A founding member of The Virtual Horsemen, Rob started flying in the IL-2 Sturmovik series, before moving to Eagle Dynamics’ “DCS World” in 2012. Along with Pman, Rock owns and maintains the Virtual-Aerobatics.com website and game server – the only dedicated server purely for formation aerobatic in DCS. Visit www.virtual-aerobatics.com for more information.

Pete 'Pman' Collins
Right Wing
Pman started his virtual aerobatic career in November 2012, when he messaged the team wanting to learn the art of formation flying in the P-51 Mustang. 9 months later, when a vacancy opened up, Pman joined the team in the right wing position and has since gone on to lead, on occasion, when we fly the F-86 Sabre. Along with Rock, Pete is also a founding member of virtual-aerobatics.com.

James 'Kestrel' Read
Left Wing
Following the departure of SkyHawk in 2014, Jim joined the team following the normal application process. Having already had some basic formation experience, Jim was up to speed relatively quick and completed his first public demonstration at VFAT 2014. In certain routines, Jim also takes the lead position as he leads Horsemen #2 through the trail roll, one of our most challenging maneuvers!

Wijndel 'Wine' Albertsma
Live Streamer
Wijndel started flying with Microsoft Combat Sim and IL2 followed by ED’s LockOn Modern Combat Simulator but, at first, only in Single player missions. In 2007/8 he had his first online contacts and started The virtual RNLAF F16 Solo Display Team. Later on, a gathering of more aerobatic simulation teams formed the Virtual Aerobatic Group. Wine is also a technical manager, cameraman and skin artist.

Charles 'Chuck_Owl' Ouellet
Video Editor / 4th Horseman
Chuck_Owl has made a reputation within both the DCS & IL-2 communities for producing high quality movies. Those of you that know and follow the real Bremont Horsemen will know that James Horner, the composer, was referred to as ‘The Fourth Horsemen’ – Chuck certainly fills that gap within our team.

Narrator / PR Manager

To apply for this position, please use the contact form provided. Jobs included live commentary of our displays and handling all forum posts, social media and general media posts / enquiries. Do you have what it takes?

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